The Butler Crest Vineyard is located in Wilyabrup, in what is considered the premium location of the Margaret River wine region.  Extensive terrain and soil analysis had been conducted prior to planting, ensuring the vines reap rewards from only the very best parcels of land. The Mediterranean climate of Margaret River is ideal for the nurturing of high quality premium fruit, whose quality is passed on from our vines to your table. Principal red varieties planted are Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, whilst Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc comprise our white. varieties. Thanks to our expert team, lead by Andy Ferreira –viticulturist and Bruce Dukes – wine craftsman, the Butler Crest wines present stunning quality and value from this renowned wine region.

Curious about our name?

The Butler Crest stems from the renowned wine district of Normandy with a certain Herveius Walter. In 1066 he left for England, accompanying William The Conqueror as his trusted “le Botiler” or wine bearer.

In 1172 Herveius's grandson, Theobald, journeyed to Ireland with Henry II, William the Conqueror's decendant. Here he was bestowed with the office of Butlership and in honour of his Grandfather, Theobald took the name le Botiler, later anglicised to “Butler”.

His duties included selecting and presenting the first cup of wine to the King at State Banquets and Coronations. The  duty carries on today. This honour did not lose any importance in the Butler Crest, depicted by the golden cups in the second quarter. The tradition continues with tending to the cellars and selecting fine wine, which is perhaps the most notable duty of today’s butlers.

The affinity with wine has continued its lineage, finding its way to the premium wine region of Margaret River, where the current descendents are proud to hold the of office of “Butlership”, selecting and presenting this fine wine to you and entrust ‘Victory’ is found in its enjoyment. Comme je trouve et Butler a boo.


Herveius Walter?Our man, center of picture, Herveius Walter, bearing the wine in the victory celebrations after the Battle of Hastings, 1066, as depicted in the Bayeaux Tapestry in the renowned wine district of Normandy.


Comme je trouve (Above crest): As I find it

Butler a Boo (Under the arms): A traditional victory cheer

..And for fun... It's not until 2min :12sec  into the clip that you will see "our man" ,“le Botiler” (translating to wine bearer) pour the celebratory wine after the now famous battle. Ironically, the sommelier’s principal function back then, was to ensure poisons didn’t arrive at the table of nobility.



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